With no monitoring or routine checks, termites can cause havoc in a building. According to one set of statistics in Thailand, over 200,000 homes experience at least one termite attack each year. 

As well as being a source of frustration, termites can lead to expensive repairs and a decrease in the value of a home. 

Identifying Termites
If you think you have a termite infestation in your home, the first step should always be identification. Since each behave in different ways, you need to know the correct species before tackling the problem. 

As you may have noticed, it’s actually the damage they cause that alert homeowners to their presence. For example, you might see the following; 

  • Weakened Timber – For many, they vacuum the home as normal and then notice a weakness in the skirting board or even the door frame. After pushing with their finger, they notice the structural integrity has been removed and damage is easy to cause (this is thanks to the pesky termites!). 
  • Termite Mud – In order to reach their source of food safely, termites can build mud tunnels. Although these can be somewhat hard to see since they’re normally hidden underground or behind gyprock, they can sometimes be visible in the architraves and brick foundations. 
  • Hollow Timber – Since termites eat timber from the inside out, you might not notice their presence until the wood is almost hollow. With a simple knock on timber, you should be able to hear the difference between normal timber and the hollow sounding knock of termite-infested timber. 
  • Tight Windows/Doors – Interestingly, as termites work their way through the inside of timber, they leave behind ‘mud’ which can trap moisture and heat. Of course, timber expands with heat and this can make closing doors/windows difficult. 
  • Cracks – Finally, some people notice cracks in the door jamb or cornice. While cracks don’t always suggest termites, it’s definitely worth investigating if you spot this sort of damage. 

If you notice any of these signs, you may just have a termite problem. The longer you leave the issue unresolved, the more serious (and costly!) it’s likely to get too! 

Have you seen these signs?
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