Sometimes called ‘white ants’, ask any resident about termites and they will tell you just how frustrating the pests are. Every single year, homeowners spend millions of Thai baht just trying to remedy the problems caused by termites. In fact, within the economic life of Pattaya structures, history suggests one in three homes are affected. As well as Pattaya, termites are common in Rayong, Chonburi, and Sriracha.

Normally, we spot the damage before the termites and most insurance companies fail to cover this sort of damage. If you’ve seen termites or think your home might have an infestation, we urge you to reach out now. Even if you’ve spotted an issue with a door frame or loose skirting board, don’t disturb the area or feel the need to peek inside. By doing this, you risk moving them on to a different area and causing even more damage.

Instead, contact Pest Control Pattaya and our professionals will deal with them in the right way (the way that ensures they don’t return!).