Pest Control in Ban Bueng

Are you looking for a pest control service to remove termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, or rats? Perhaps you just need a service for pest management and protection? Either way, we can help. 

Our Services

First and foremost, make us your first port of call when you spot the signs of an infestation in Ban Bueng. Since we can offer a free inspection in most cases, it’s better to have the peace of mind than allow a potential infestation to get worse. If we spot any of the pests we mentioned previously, we’ll get to work and restore your home or business to its normal order. 

Don’t think the job is too small, or even too large, because we will help with anything. Using advanced techniques, we’ll ease your concerns while also keeping an eye on the future (the last thing you want is for the pests to return!). 

How does it work? If we look at termites as an example, we can eliminate them in Ban Bueng using drill and inject, soil injection, spot treatment, and non-repellent chemicals. In fact, all the treatments we use are friendly for both pets and children. This way, you don’t have to worry about their safety after we leave. 

In some cases, it might be the simple job of filling up the termite piping system…and we’re happy to assist. 

Benefits of Choosing Us 

There are other pest control services in Ban Bueng, and we don’t shy away from this fact. Yet, we offer things that they can’t. This includes; 

  • A warranty for our bed bug service
  • Residential and commercial assistance 
  • Free inspections 
  • Same-day treatment 
  • Reliability and a warm service 

Elsewhere, we can even provide mosquito and dengue protection. Why risk your own health and the health of those around you when you can take the necessary precautions with us? 

In Ban Bueng, we can also offer different payment packages for pest management. For example, some pay monthly while others pay yearly (or even bi-yearly!). 

Phone us at 099 272 8323 or email via our website. As long as you call between 10am and 10pm, you’ll hear a friendly voice pick up on the other end. No more bed bugs, no more cockroaches, no more pests; allow us to utilise our expertise and fantastic equipment today! 

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