Hotel and Resort Pest Control

For hotels, it’s important to uphold a good reputation and this means extensive pest control procedures. Unfortunately, hotels are notoriously vulnerable to pest problems and, when dealt with poorly, they can damage the reputation of the business in Pattaya.

These days, your guests need safety and a pleasant experience from a hotel and keeping the building free from pests is one aspect of this. When ignored, you’re risking guests coming across ants, cockroaches, and other pest infestations; imagine how a guest will feel getting into bed and finding bed bugs. Pest problems lead to complaints, diseases, food contamination, and more.

What does all this mean? Well, a reduction in occupancy rates and a flailing business. Luckily, Pest Control Pattaya works with several hotels in Pattaya and has developed brilliant practices to ensure pest control both now and long into the future. As well as pest management, we even offer training and education for housekeeping staff. Suddenly, they know how to spot infestations and your hotel maintains the highest hygiene and sanitation standards.