With ants, it’s important to understand their motivation and this is normally food and water. While some species forage for meats and fats, others go for sweet foods and oil. During dry periods, they’re forced indoors to look for water. For their nests, they can either be built inside or outside. As soon as one finds what they need, they will communicate with their nest mates and suddenly dozens of ants gather in the same space.

There are plenty of insects that infest buildings, but ants are the most prominent. Just like bed bugs, they’re difficult to manage. Over the years, scientific exploration has allowed us to discover that each species has its own preference for feeding, nesting, characteristics, habits, and more. H

Rather than spraying once and hoping for the best, long-term ant control is the best solution to keep them at bay. We use the latest products at Pest Control Pattaya including non-repellent insecticide, repellents, gel baits, and insecticidal dusts.