Rayong Pest Control Services

Quaint beaches, delicious food, and views that wouldn’t be out of place on a computer background, Rayong City is certainly a dream location for many individuals not just in Thailand but around the world. The bright blue seas and delightful beaches keep us happy, but pests often threaten to end this happiness. Fortunately, there are fantastic solutions available. 

Our Pest Control Service: Key Features 

There are other pest control services in Rayong, so why should you consider our own? We think there are a few reasons; 

  • Lots of Services – If you have a number of different pests in your home or commercial building, you’re in luck because our services include mice, rats, cockroaches, termites, mosquitos, and more. Whatever your problem, we’ll likely have a solution. 
  • Different Treatment Options – Ultimately, we’ll tailor our service to your property because every job is different. With termites, we might use spot treatment, non-repellent chemicals, soil injections, and more.
  • Protection – Not only do we complete jobs of all sizes, but our bed bug treatment even comes with a warranty. If they return shortly after we leave, this means we haven’t done our job properly. Therefore, our warranty will keep you protected and ensure the problem really does go away (finally!). 
  • Payment Flexibility – For those who want to keep pests away for good, they might require regular check-ups and treatments. If this is the case, payment doesn’t need to get messy. Instead, we can set up a monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly payment plan for pest management. 
  • Reliability – Finally, every good Rayong service needs to be reliable in turning up when called and also in actually removing the pest. We’re confident in both; we’re passionate about what we do and love to help individuals and businesses get back to what they do best. 

Contact Us Today 

We have another reason why you should choose us; because we focus on long-term results. Rather than doing a poor job and expecting a call again in the near future, we want to do everything we can to keep pests away from your home or business. With this, it means the treatment comes with advice and prevention information. By working together, we can keep Rayong free from pests (well, as much as possible!). 

Feel free to email today or dial 099 272 8323; as long as you call between 10am and 10pm, one of our brilliant team will be ready to answer your questions!

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