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How do you recognize termites in your house?

It is widely acknowledged that Pattaya’s area and others around such as Chonburi and Rayong are high-risk areas for termite problems. What helps is that homeowners can identify early signs of a termite infestation in there home. Termites can damage your house and can costs you hundreds of thousands of Baths. Usually, it’s not covered by insurance. If you can detect termites in your house at an early stage of a termite infestation you can save a huge amount of money.

Termites are insects that live under the ground. They use your wooden parts, furniture or decoration as a food source. Termites will enter the house through your concrete foundation to reach your wooden belongings and travel back to their nests underground.  They use there so-called ‘’mud tubes’’ as a tunnel to reach other wood food sources above the ground. The first thing usually a homeowner would do is grab a can of pesticides and spray it as fast as possible, please don’t do this. Spraying termites directly will scare them back underground and within a few weeks they able to reach new wooden food sources in your house.

We can offer you the best treatments possible in Pattaya. If you find any termites in your house, please contact us. We offer a free of charge termite inspection at your house, apartment or condo. Also, we create a treatment plan with a quotation for free as well.

A few benefits of using our termite removal or protection treatments.

• Termite treatments are safe for family members, kids and pets like cat and dogs.

• Stops termites feeding on your houses directly after the first treatment.

• Advance pesticides able to reach the termite colony and prevent them from returning.

If you find any termites in your houses or apartment or find any signs of them in your skirting boards or doorframes, please make sure you don’t disturb them or touch the damaged timber. By disturbing the termites it is possible that they’ll be scared away and will damage other places at your home. In this kind of situation, the best thing you can do is to call us on 099 272 8323. Talk with our English and Thai spoken customer service team for help. After having determined the situation by phone, we offer as mentioned a free termite inspection. Our Pest control team will visit your property for a free inspection and provide you with more information about our termite treatments.

When we think of a termite infestation, it makes us feel itchy and uncomfortable. However, the problems run deeper than this because they can cause a need for expensive repairs too. When termites are in the business property or home, you need a professional hand by your side to deal with the problem. At Pest Control Pattaya, we are this professional hand and we want to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible.

For all of our brilliant team members, they’re continually trained so they have the best knowledge around. You could try to remove termites yourself, but they will only move location and then you’ll have termites in all different areas of the home. Instead, allow us to become your reliable pest partner (we even offer a free inspection with advice!).