Bang Saray Pest Control Services

In the whole of the Pattaya area, many say that the Bang Saray beach is the best. Complemented by a beautiful town with friendly locals, it’s the place to be when the sun comes out and you want to create memories with family and friends. 

Much like the rest of Thailand, however, the problems come when we go indoors. Unfortunately, a number of pests are common in this corner of the world. This includes bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, mice, rats, and more. Elsewhere, some require mosquito and dengue protection. If you require any of our services, the best thing to do is call 099 272 8323 and one of our professionals will soon be with you. 

Pest Control Services

Nobody wants to sleep on a mattress infested with bed bugs. Nobody wants to cook in a kitchen where cockroaches are present. Nobody feels confident and assured when you hear the scratching of mice in the office. Wherever you may be, whether there’s two mice or a dozen, we have the expertise and experience you need. 

How do we treat the pests and ensure they don’t return? Well, this depends on the creature itself. With termites, for example, there are a number of methods we can choose; 

  • Soil injection 
  • Non-repellent chemicals 
  • Drill and inject 
  • Spot treatment 

With bed bugs, they’re notoriously difficult to remove alone. Just when you think the problem has gone, all it takes is a couple to stay behind and you’ll be infested again soon after. Sometimes, it’s a case of forgetting to empty the vacuum or the trash. We know the little tricks required to prevent bed bugs from returning; if they do return after our visit, our fantastic warranty will keep you protected. 

After removing the pest, we’ll provide advice as to what could have caused the infestation. By making certain changes, you can hopefully keep them away in the weeks and months ahead. 

Why Choose Our Bang Saray Service?

Here’s what you get when you choose us; 

  • Professional service 
  • Pest management 
  • Same-day treatment 
  • Free inspections (in most cases)
  • Residential and commercial assistance 
  • Payment flexibility (monthly, bi-yearly, and yearly)

You’ve got the number, why not give us a call today? You can also email using our website (we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!). It’s time to remove those pesky pests from your home in Bang Saray, it’s time to call in the experts!