Finally, we have another common pest in Pattaya; the cockroach. Much like rodents, they like our homes and the environment we create. For both homes and businesses (especially restaurants), it’s important to deal with cockroaches and manage them effectively so they don’t ever cause a prolonged issue. If you don’t remove or manage the problem, cockroaches will leave droppings, egg sacs, skins, odors, and regurgitation marks to contaminate food preparation areas and other spaces in the home.

In the commercial and residential world, one of the more common (and frustrating!) species is the German cockroach. They breed quickly, and they hide in small cracks, refrigerators, and even ovens. While the nymphs are tiny and only measure up to a pinhead, the adults can reach 25mm. Elsewhere, larger species include the smoky brown, American, and Australian cockroach. Not only can these reach 55mm, they have the ability to fly at night.

Sometimes, people go weeks without noticing a problem because cockroaches are nocturnal animals. If you do happen to spot one in the day, this could actually present a serious problem because it means they’ve been forced out of the nest (possibly because of overcrowding).

Cockroaches are difficult to manage, they’re blamed for the spread of Salmonella, and they adapt well to different environments (though they thrive in warm, humid locations). If just reading this is making your skin crawl, contact our excellent pest control team for assistance!