Of the 4,000 different species of cockroach, 3,960 are actually beneficial to their environment. This leaves 40 species that are considered ‘pests’ and can cause problems. 

Often, knowledge is the best weapon against cockroaches so we’ve compiled a guide with lots of useful advice. For example, the two most common species in Thailand are the American and German cockroach. 

Where Will Infestations Occur?
As with most pests, the species will normally determine where cockroaches can be found. While some need humid spots, others can operate in cooler spaces. Therefore, we recommend checking the following; 

Kitchens – In your kitchen, common spots include cupboards, behind washing machines or dishwashers, near hidden pipework, and in other nooks and crannies. While the appliances provide warmth for some, others are happy hanging upside-down in a cupboard. 

As well as the larger appliances, like the back of fridges, we also recommend pulling out toasters, microwaves, coffee blenders, and other small appliances every so often. 

Bathrooms – Again, storage units and cupboards should be your starting point. With full medicine cabinets, they could easily hide out towards the back. A bathroom is like a banquet for some cockroaches with soap remnants, hair, skin cells, water (condensation), tissues, toilet paper, and more. Therefore, you need to check behind toilets and sinks while keeping a watchful eye for their presence. 

Drains – Oriental cockroaches and some other species prefer cooler conditions, so check the pipes and drain covers around the home or workplace. Perhaps you have pipe ducts or decking/porch openings? Finally, quiet areas of the garage, shed, or any other outbuilding could easily harbour cockroaches (and also areas where rubbish is stored!). 

Laundry Rooms – As the fourth location we have here today, laundry rooms can be humid enough for cockroaches so check cupboards, plumbing, tumble dryers, washing machines, etc. While on this note, basements provide similar environments in corner joints, cracks in floor cavities, pipe ducts, and more. 

If you have a large storage of newspapers or boxes (cardboard), this will be a haven for cockroaches so be careful. 

Signs of an Infestation
Now you know where to look, what are the key signs for which you should be looking? Like many pests, the signs are more noticeable than the cockroaches themselves so this is important to remember. 

Firstly, we should note that cockroaches will look for ANY food; by ‘any’, we mean animal droppings, packaging, food, paper, fabrics, and much more. Secondly, cockroaches are nocturnal which means they feed after the sun has gone down (try paying more attention in the evenings). 

Droppings – If there’s no water supply nearby, small black or brown droppings will normally be noticeable. 

Smell – As well as having a distinct smell themselves, cockroaches can taint any items with which they come in contact. 

Shed Skin – Known as ‘cast nymphal’, growing cockroaches will continually shed their skin; some will shed up to eight times before adulthood. 

Smears – If the cockroaches do have a supply of water, droppings will be replaced by smear marks. Check the corners where the wall and floor meet, and search for tiny brown marks. 

If you spot any of these signs, it’s time to take action before the problem worsens. 

Have you seen signs of Cockroaches?
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