Bed Bugs

In Thailand, there are two main species of bed bugs that cause a nuisance to locals;

  • Cimex Hemipterus 
  • Cimex Lectularius 

Most commonly, infestations occur in public places including cinemas and hotels. However, this doesn’t mean homes are immune. It’s all too easy for bed bugs to travel on our clothing, luggage, and bags as we move around. If just one brave female bed bug travels with us on a coat, for example, this could be all that’s required to cause major issues. 

If you’re sitting there scratching and nervous about bed bugs, don’t fear because we have some advice in this brief guide. For those who travel, bed bugs are a common worry. Not only do we worry about finding them in hotel sheets, but we worry about bringing them home unknowingly. As soon as the first bite or drop of blood is found, it makes the heart sink a little. 

Common Hiding Spots and Signs

Typically, bed bugs like to congregate in small crevices and cracks. In terms of feeding, they tend to pay their host a visit in the couple of hours before sunlight. If you’re not an expert pest controller, how are you supposed to spot an infestation? Here are some common signs; 

  • The excretion from the bed bugs may cause dark stains on the mattress (normally on the corners!). 
  • ‘Faecal pellets’, dark spots of blood, may appear on the sheets or mattress. 
  • You may notice a sweet and sickly smell around the room. 
  • Although it sounds simple, you may even see the small insects crawling around the bed. Normally around 5mm long, they actually shed their skin too. 

Thanks to their name, we’ve focused quite heavily on beds today, but they can actually appear in a number of other locations. This includes; 

  • Carpets/underlay 
  • Between floorboards (especially timber)
  • Wardrobes 
  • Chest of drawers 
  • Skirting boards 
  • Bedside cabinets 
  • Bed frames/headboards
  • Behind cracked plaster or peeling wallpaper 
  • Inside electrical fittings and sockets 

With this, you should have everything you need to know about those pesky bed bugs!

Have you seen signs of Bed Bugs?
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