Bed Bugs

You’ve probably heard lots about bed bugs in Pattaya, but what are they? As wingless insects, they generally measure up to 6mm and are oval in shape. Feeding on blood, they turn from rusty brown to a reddish brown after feeding. Considering an average bedroom temperature, bed bugs can survive for around six months; the colder the climate, the longer they live.

Why are bed bugs so difficult to manage? Females lay two or three eggs PER DAY after mating. Although the eggs only reach 1mm in size, they only take 10 days to hatch and will quickly become adults, infesting your bedroom. For the untrained eye, it can be hard to differentiate between adults and so-called nymphs (hatched eggs). However, the latter are between 1-4mm and are much paler.

Often, bed bugs can exist in a home for a long time without the owner realizing and this is due to their secretive nature. With a flattened body, they shelter in floorboards, carpets, cracks and crevices, furniture, skirting, and, of course, mattresses and beds.

Wherever humans gather, bed bugs will try to find a home too. As well as our homes, it’s possible to find bed bugs in retail stores, public transportation, schools, hotels, and offices. Unfortunately (for us, anyway!), they travel between locations on furniture, clothing, and bedding.

How do they feed? Using their cleverly-evolved mouthparts. After piercing the skin, they inject saliva to thin the blood and then suck away. Elsewhere, bed bugs are known to enjoy carbon dioxide and warmth. Typically, they will feed at night before then going to their hiding spot and digesting the meal. Another reason why it’s hard to manage bed bugs is that they can survive for such a long time without a meal.

Alone, removing bed bugs from a home or building is difficult. At Pest Control Pattaya, we have a specialized team who are trained to deal with infestations. They understand the breeding habits and the common mistakes that people make when trying to rid their homes of the problem. Feel free to get in touch today! We do Bed bug removal treatments in Pattaya, Rayong, Sriracha and Chonburi.