Sriracha Pest Control

As a pleasant seaside town not far from Pattaya and Bangkok, Sriracha is known for the hot chilli sauce with the same name. However, even this hot sauce can’t keep the pests away from our homes. With this in mind, we recommend our fantastic pest control service to free your home from pests once again. 

Common Pests in Sriracha 

Unfortunately, there are a number of pests that can cause aggravation in Sriracha. For example, we commonly deal with mosquito and dengue protection, cockroach elimination, termite treatments, and bed bug solutions. Even after this, there’s a potential for mice and rats. They all have their downsides, and they can all cause hassle in the home. 

When you see a mouse scuttling across the kitchen or bed bugs making a home on the mattress, we understand that you want them gone as soon as possible. Luckily, we’ve developed incredibly efficient and effective techniques that can be employed against all of these pests. Not only will we aim to remove them from your home, we’ll work on keeping them away too. 

Benefits of Our Pest Control Sriracha Service 

You might be wondering why you should give us a call (099 272 8323). Here’s why; 

  • Pet and child-friendly pest control 
  • Protection and prevention 
  • Size doesn’t matter (we help big and small)
  • Bed bug treatment comes with a warranty
  • Filling up termite piping system 
  • Residential and commercial services
  • Trustworthy and reliable 

Is this enough of a reason to email today? If not, don’t worry because we have more. Depending on the circumstances, we should be able to attend your property on the same day as your call. Also, there are payment packages available if you want to pay monthly, twice a year, or even yearly. 

Just to go one step further, we’re also able to offer a free inspection in the majority of cases. If you simply want us to come and have a look at the problem, ease any concerns, and provide advice, this is possible. Once we’ve explained the infestation and how we would treat it, you can decide whether or not you want to go ahead. 

If you’re dealing with pests in Sriracha, dial our number today and take the first step towards a resolution. We’re available from 10am to 10pm, so don’t hesitate to call (even in the evenings!). 

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